AntigravityCam Pricing:


Base unit suspension vest: $16,500 US

The main body mounted component provides total weight displacement up to 50 pounds, complete absorption of operator footsteps, and a lift range from the floor to as high as the operator can reach.  This base unit of the AntigravityCam includes a set of handles and receivers to interface with your existing gimbal ring or top bar.

Jib Accessory kit with gimbal leveling head: $2,950 US

The Jib Accessory kit delivers the full range offered by the AntigravityCam with a height of three and a half feet over the head of the operator to inches from the floor in a smooth continuous vertical move, always maintaining a perfect viewing angle of the monitor throughout the range.  Achieve low  angle shots while standing, walking or running.  The gimbal mounting head always keeps the gimbal level allowing 360 degree pan around, perfect for tracking shots.  This system can accomodate all gimbals.

Rentals available

The system is available for rental for $550 per day (3 day week) . Operator list on request.


ergorig pricing : $1,850

Guy standing in woods with ergorig rotated.jpg