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ergorig for female operators

Save your back!

Introducing the Ergorig CenterFit. A new version designed just for female operators!


Ergorig cf 2.png




What's New?

The Ergorig CenterFit includes a new center clavicle strut designed to comortably fit a woman's body. It has a lateral adjustment which provides a better comfort and fit for women while still transfering 100% of the camera's weight to the operators hips. 


What users say

Jendra Jarnagin

The Family, The Good Fight

I want to commend Cinema Devices for evolving their design to work with different body types, including those of us curvy women. They not only listened, but were very committed to making vest options to fit anyone who may want one. They were very proactive in getting feedback and experimenting with different modular modifications.


After trying it out, it really WAS a game changer

Existing Ergorig Customers


Already own an Ergorig and want to upgrade? No problem.  Our upgrade kit allows you to switch out the necessary parts yourself in a few minutes.

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