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Back & shoulder Pain,

why weight?

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Thank You, SOC!

Thanks for recognizing us with the prestigious 2022 SOC Technical Achievement Award for the Ergorig camera support system amongst all the amazing products presented.  This was a great validation for our passion to take care of the health of our fellow camera operators and for sharing our belief that the weight of the camera should never be a discriminating factor of who gets to operate a camera and for how long. 


As an expression of our gratitude, we are offering an exclusive 15% discount for all SOC members on all our products including all Ergorig Systems and accessories. You'll find that our commitment to innovative solutions and well being are equally reflected in the Undersling, ZeeGee and AntigravityCam.


Use coupon code SOC15 at checkout only at to receive your exclusive SOC Member discount!

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The Ergorig Camera Support Harness transfers 95% of the weight of your camera and rig - from your shoulders and arms to your waist and legs - eliminating upper body fatigue and pain. Imagine shooting with no stress on your back, shoulders, arms or core, so you can apply all your energy and focus to delivering the perfect shot again and again.

All. Day. Long. 

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Save your back and operate all day with no weight on your shoulder. 

(And, for a limited time only, 

save money!)


Riser 4c.png

Perfect for suspending a camera just under the shoulder with the convenience of quick-release.


IMG_5897 (1).jpg

All the same great ergonomic benefits of the original Ergorig with a new design for the comfort of female operators. 

Zeegee & bundles


"Undeniably hand-held!"

The kinetic energy of hand-held cinematography with the stability and boom range of a Steadicam arm or hard-mount, even great underslung.


Undslng ergo pkg 1- lower res-Edit.png

Ultra-low-profile shock-absorbing suspension system for low shots. Position camera from just under the shoulder to arm's length with complete weight displacement. 

antigravitycam system


Achieve unprecedented boom range and motion isolation for gimbals and stabilized handheld operation with a comfortable body-worn system.

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