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Anti-Gravity Camera: Support & Stabilization System

$16 500.00
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Cinema Devices Regular Erorig: Cinema Devices


The main body mounted component provides total weight displacement up to 50lbs, complete absorption of operator footsteps, and a lift range from the floor to as high as the operator can reach. this base unit includes a set of handles and receivers to interface with any existing gimbal ring or top handle or can be used without a gimbal in direct handheld mode.

  • Move from the floor to three and a half feet over the head of the operator, all without the need for heavy counterweights.
  • For use with any gimbal or direct handheld mode
  • Camera build remains buoyant throughout the range.
  • The telescoping arms adjust to the needs of the shot.
  • Get through tight spaces and doorways or achieve large crane moves while still accomplishing a rock steady shot.
  • Supports any gimbal
  • Weight: 26 lbs.
  • Fly any system up to 50 pounds
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