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The latest unisex incarnation of the Ergorig originally designed for women but more comfortable for most.


The Ergorig CenterFit combines all the benefits of the Ergorig with a design that accomodates the body of female operators. This new unisex version is suitable for women and men and allows for additional range of movement  on operators' right side. Perfect for use with the Undersling. 


Available in short and tall sizes.


*B-STOCK refers to items that were opened and returned, are refurbished, have a cosmetic blemish or imperfection (like a ding or a scratch) or were used as demo units. These products are tested to manufacturer's specs and are guaranteed to function perfectly and have the same warrantee as new stock. Most of these will appear identical to the end user.

Ergorig CenterFit - Unisex (B-STOCK)

$1,950.00 Regular Price
$1,699.99Sale Price
  • Measure from your front hip point to the top middle of your shoulder. If you're less than 20" order a Short otherwise order a Tall. Your front hip point is the part that feels like the tip of the triangle in your hip on the front side that is right around your belt line.

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