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Check out how the ZeeGee brings handheld to the next level! 

The ZeeGee is an innovative three axis zero gravity head specifically for the handheld look. It provides freedom of movement in the pan, tilt, and unlike similar product...
ZeeGee Demo
45 min

Learn how the Ergorig can save your back, neck & spine!

We can now have the freedom of an untethered handheld camera without compromising our back health. The concept is simple: prevent spinal compression while allowing an ope...
Ergorig Fitting
45 min

See for yourself how the AntigravityCam can take your filmmaking to new heights!

Suspension vest BASE UNIT Get through tight spaces and doorways or achieve large crane moves while still accomplishing a rock steady shot. For use with any gimbal or dir...
Antigravitycam Fitting
45 min

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