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Cinema Devices Wins 2019 Cinegear Technology Award For The Ergorig!


No Counterweights

 no limits


Cinema Devices was born out of a desire to be leaders in innovative production equipment.  Our unique gear is made with a simple philosophy in mind, to bring a level of production value to any shoot in any situation.  Be it a documentary that requires travel to difficult locations or in a studio, our versatile technology allows productions to achieve shots that would otherwise require larger equipment and time consuming setups, as well as produce shots that couldn't be achieved any other way.

-Adam Teichman

Founder, Cinema Devices

go as large or small as you like

The telescoping arms adjust to the needs of the shot. Get through tight spaces and doorways or achieve large crane moves while still accomplishing a rock steady shot.

supports Any gimbal 


The AntigravityCam is gimbal agnostic, COMPATIBLE with any system.  With a weight capacity of up to 50lbs, operators are free to customize their rig any way they want without sacrificing functionality.

Technical specs

Unit Weight: 26lbs

Max Payload: 50lbs - 40lbs fully extended