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Created by filmmakers for filmmakers

Cinema Devices is responsive to the unique needs and challenges facing  professional filmmakers. We create innovative, award-winning products of unrivaled quality that are backed by the best customer service in the industry. 

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 2019 Winner oTechnical Achievement Awards



The wait is over. Our newest award winning product, formerly code-named "OK Boomer" is now in production and is called XO-Boom!

Bringing the pain relief to the sound department that we have given the camera department, the XOboom provides the intuitive mic cuing you’re used to without tying down the boom while leaving one arm free to ride levels on the mixer.  


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- our Products -

Ergorig CenterFit

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Most support and stabilization equipment manufacturers hadn't considered the female anatomy in equipment design. We have with the Ergorig CenterFit. We combined the benefits of the Ergorig Classic with improved comfort and fit for all genders!

Ergorig Classic

holding Cinema Devices Ergorig Camera Stabilizer

Cinema Devices is the exclusive manufacturer of the Ergorig. The Ergorig transfers 100% of the handheld camera's weight from your shoulder and back to your hips, bypassing your spine entirely. Saves your back and adds years to your career!


Camera Operator holding Cinema Devices Undersling

Cinema Devices is the exclusive manufacturer of the Undersling. Operators can now suspend heavy cameras from vest mounted systems and adjust the camera height from just under the shoulder down to the floor. Save your back in low mode!


Neal on ZG.jpg

Introduced in Spring 2021, the ZeeGee combines the look and feel of handheld with the boom range of a steadicam arm. The new tool also eliminates footsteps from your shot and distributes the camera weight across your body. ZeeGee is "handheld" redefined!

Antigravity Logo BLK.png
Camera Operator holding Cinema Devices AntiGravityCam

A true revolution in camera and camera gimbal support. Using the AntigravityCam System allows for shots with the reach of a jib and the movement of a Steadicam with complete footstep isolation. 

The future of camera movement and stabilization is here!

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Winner of the Most Useful Award at the 2022 Hollywood Sound Expo, our newest back-saving product, the XO-Boom, transforms the booming experience and transfers weight from arms, shoulders, and back, to the hips, while still providing intuitive mic cuing!

IG: @CinemaDevices

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