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Handheld Meets Steadicam

About us

 2019 Winner oTechnical Achievement Awards

Cinema Devices was born out of a desire to be leaders in innovative production equipment.  Our unique gear is made with a simple philosophy in mind, to bring a level of production value to any shoot in any situation. Be it a documentary that requires travel to difficult locations or in a studio, our versatile technology allows productions to achieve shots that would otherwise require larger equipment and time consuming setups, as well as produce shots that couldn't be achieved any other way.

Adam Teichman - Founder / CEO



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Introduced in Spring 2021, the ZeeGee combines the look and feel of handheld with the boom range of a steadicam arm. The new tool also eliminates footsteps from your shot and distributes the camera weight across your body. 


holding Cinema Devices Ergorig Camera Stabilizer

Cinema Devices is the exclusive manufacturer of the Ergorig. The Ergorig transfers 100% of the handheld camera's weight from your shoulder and back to your hips, bypassing your spine entirely. Saves your back and adds years to your career!

New Ergorig for women:


Camera Operator holding Cinema Devices Undersling

Cinema Devices is the exclusive manufacturer of the Undersling. Operators can now suspend heavy cameras from vest mounted systems and adjust the camera height from just under the shoulder down to the floor. Save your back in low mode!

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Camera Operator holding Cinema Devices AntiGravityCam

A true revolution in camera and camera gimbal support. The future of camera movement and stabilization is here.