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Handheld. Smarter.
The ZeeGee is an innovative three axis zero gravity head specifically for the handheld look.  It provides freedom of movement in the pan, tilt, and unlike similar products, the roll axis, replicating the look and feel of handheld operation combined with the stability, boom range, and weight displacement of the Steadicam arm. This combination offers operators, DP's and directors a unique look that's unmistakably handheld without the shake, limited range, and operator fatigue that comes with standard handheld operation, especially when doing multiple takes.
Handheld. Smarter.
The ZeeGee combines the handheld look with everything we love about Steadicam: including added boom range, elimination of footsteps, and reduced fatigue.
The ZeeGee offers the choice of hard-mounted options to achieve an "undeniably hand-held" look on dollies, stands or even  being suspended.
The ZeeGee:
  • Creates complete axial motion isolation

  • Control in pan, tilt, and roll

  • Small to large camera builds

  • Quick on the fly balancing and CG adjustments

  • Separate drop rates for tilt and roll

  • Adjustable fluid dampened tilt 

  • Mounts on all Steadicam arm posts and 5/8" baby pin

  • Get Steadicam rentals on handheld shoots

Instantly Switch
from Steadicam arm to tripod, dolly, undersling rig or any 5/8" pin 
Designed by a Steadicam operator
for Steadicam operators 
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The head can be underslung from Steadicam arms, usually from a Garfield mount, and with the "shovel handle" adapter, from ropes or elastic lines including the Cinema Devices Undersling, from cranes, speedrail rigs, or Easyrig overhead supports. Operators can independently set the drop rate CG of the roll axis independent of the tilt.
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