Take Handheld To New Heights
Handheld Just Got Way Better
The ZeeGee combines the handheld look with everything we love about Steadicam included added boom range, elimination of footsteps and reduced fatigue.
The ZeeGee is an innovative three axis zero gravity head specifically for the handheld look.  It provides freedom of movement in the pan, tilt, and unlike similar products, the roll axis, replicating the look and feel of handheld operation combined with the stability, boom range, and weight displacement of the Steadicam arm. This combination offers operators, DP's and directors a unique look that's unmistakably handheld without the shake, limited range, and operator fatigue that comes with standard handheld operation, especially when doing multiple takes.
  • Complete axial motion isolation

  • Control in pan tilt and roll

  • Small to large camera builds

  • Quick on the fly balancing and CG adjustments

  • Separate drop rates for tilt and roll

  • Adjustable fluid dampened tilt 

  • Mounts on all Steadicam arm posts and 5/8" baby pin

  • Get Steadicam rentals on handheld shoots

Instantly switch from Steadicam arm to tripod, dolly, undersling rig or any 5/8" pin 
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Designed by a Steadicam operator for Steadicam operators 
The head can be underslung from Steadicam arms, usually from a Garfield mount, and with the "shovel handle" adapter, from ropes or elastic lines including the Cinema Devices Undersling, from cranes, speedrail rigs, or Easyrig overhead supports. Operators can independently set the drop rate CG of the roll axis independant of the tilt.
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What The Experts Say

Dave Emmerichs, SOC

"The ZeeGee is simple and intuitive to operate. If you’re already an experienced Steadicam Operator, you’re going to love this thing. I wish I’d had this device at the beginning of my career." 

Neal Bryant, SOC

"Now I can get my Steadicam rate and rental  on a handheld show when I otherwise wouldn't. The ZeeGee basically paid for my wedding."  

Colin Hudson, SOC

"With this I can get the camera anywhere I want and it’s half the weight of the full Steadicam. I can hold it a lot longer and still get the camera where it needs to be." 



Camera payload:
Up to 70 lbs. 
60° - 90° (based on camera length)
22° from center
5/8” (PRO), 3/4” (Tiffen) arm posts with adapter sleeve or any 5/8" pin
Locking Brakes:
Center Position Locking Plunger: 
Roll & tilt
Variable fluid drag and brake:
On tilt
Drop rate adjustment:
On the fly, independent CG drop rate adjustment
Cradle and pan base:
Invertable with docking station
Handle Grips:
Removable & interchangable with knobs included
19.5”x 18”x 9”
11 .3 lbs/5.1 kg
2 years

Docking Station

20.5”x 5.5”
5.3 lbs./2.4 kg
Cradle & pan base:
Can be docked in inverted position

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of arms work with the ZeeGee?

Any arm that can lift 30 to 50 pounds, (13 to 22 kilos,) is recommended. It should either have a 5/8” (15mm) or 3/4” (19mm) post.

Do you recommend a specific vest?

Most Steadicam styles should work.

For use with a Steadicam arm what do I need to buy?

Both the ZeeGee and Dock are required to use the ZeeGee with a Steadicam arm. Other items are optional.

How do I use the ZeeGee without a Steadicam arm?

You can mount the ZeeGee directly on any light stand, 5/8" baby pin. The Dock is not required but highly recommended. In the near future we will be offering Mitchell mount adapters as well as underslung elastic tube adapters.

What are the camera and arm size weight limits?

The ZeeGee can handle up to a total payload of 70 lbs./32 kilos.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship globally.

What is the warrantee?

Built to military specifications. Workmanship guaranteed for two years.

Got any training videos?

Coming soon! Videos will be posted on website as well as vimeo and youtube channels.

What is your return policy?

We know you'll love it but if not, no worries. Return it within 14 days for a full refund, just pay for return shipping.

How do I know which post to select for the Dock?

It should match the post on your Steadicam arm.

Do you rent ZeeGee's?

We do not rent the ZeeGee but are collaborating with several rental houses and will be providing a list shortly.

How can I try one out?

Currently we are offering one on one demos at our facility in San Fernando, California. If you are interested please email adam@cinemadevices.com or call 310-415-3331 to schedule a demo. We have a camera for testing but you will need to bring your own Steadicam arm and vest with you.

What is the current delivery time?

We are currently delivering the ZeeGee 8 to 10 weeks after placing your order.

Contact us at 310-415-3331 to arrange a demo!