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winner of the "Most Useful" award
2022 Hollywood sound expo

Finally, an elegant ergonomic solution for boom operation!

Preventing pain and injury from the long takes of the digital era

Cinema Devices' newest product, formerly code named "OKBoomer", is now available to purchase. 


The XO-Boom support system transfers the weight of a boom pole from the operator's arms and shoulders to their hips, without compromising the stability and control of conventional operation and intuitive mic cuing.


The XO-Boom is equipped with a series of adjustable straps that can be tailored to suit the individual operator's body shape and size.


Whether you are tall, short, broad-shouldered, or slender, the XO-Boom's straps can be easily modified to provide the perfect fit.

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To further enhance the ergonomic experience, the XO-Boom incorporates well-padded support on crucial contact points.


The shoulder and back pads are carefully cushioned to distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure on these areas, even during extended shooting sessions.


 In addition to its adjustability, the XO-Boom allows for a wide range of motion.


The design ensures that operators can move naturally and effortlessly while maintaining proper support for the boom pole and microphone. This unrestricted movement enables smooth and precise tracking of audio sources.

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 The XO-Boom incorporates intuitive and easily accessible controls for making on-the-fly adjustments. Operators can fine-tune the fit and comfort during shoots without interrupting the production process.

It's finally your turn

We've been working to save the backs and careers of camera operators for years now, but it's finally time the audio people get some love. The new XO-Boom system shifts the weight of a boom pole from the operators arms and shoulders to their hips with weight displacement technology born from our experience with the Ergorig System.

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What's New?

An elegant ergonomic solution for boom operation. XO-Boom (Development code name: "OKBoomer") allows for back-saving "weightless" boom operation and takes all weight and pressure away from arms, shoulders and back allowing for painless long takes. Designed by the filmmakers who brought camera operators the Ergorig System, boom operators and location sound mixers now get some much needed relief and career extension. Winner of the 2022 Hollywod Sound Expo Most Useful Product. (Boom pole and microphone not included.)

What users say

Eli Moskowitz

Bob❤️Abishola, The Conners, Anger Management

"I went out and walked around the show floor for several hours while wearing a full XO-Boom system, complete with an extended fishpole from K-Tek. The strain on my shoulders and back were negligible and I was no worse for wear the next day. The reaction from the show goers was enthusiastic and excited; this is something we have all been waiting for!

Read the full article in PRODUCTION SOUND & VIDEO Magazine the official publication of IATSE Local 695.

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