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Ergorig Wins Cine Gear 2019 Technology Award

New system recognized as innovative solution to address health concerns of camera operators


San Fernando, CA - June 27, 2019 — The Ergorig, made by Cinema Devices, was recently selected as the winner of the 2019 Cine Gear Technology Award for Best Camera Support Technology. The award was based on the Ergorig’s innovative design which provides camera operators back and should pain relief from heavy shoulder-based cameras. The Ergorig transfers all of a handheld camera weight away from the operators back and onto the operator’s hips without any tethering or connection points to the camera.

“We are delighted to be selected for this technology award,” said Adam Teichman, Cinema

Device’s President. “The Ergorig represents several years of design and testing to address the long term health of camera operators while allowing them to focus solely on the desired shot,” Teichman said. He continued “We wanted to offer a solution to back and shoulder health problems that are common in our industry and we are honored for the recognition”.

The Ergorig is a vest worn support system which is adjustable to a wide range of body types. After the system is put on, any handheld camera up to 50 lbs. is placed on the operator’s shoulder as it normally would. The transfer of weight allows operating without fatigue for extended shoots, alleviating the significant physical toll cameras can have on the body. The operator can walk, stand or sit without encumbering movement. There is also an underslung accessory available.

The Ergorig is available immediately at


Founded in 2016, has offered innovative body mounted camera support and stabilization equipment that provide unprecedented stabilization, range of camera movement and portability, while saving production time and protecting the health of the operator. In addition to the Ergorig, the Company manufactures the AntigravityCam, a body mounted camera support and stabilization system which offers an unprecedented 9 foot boom range. It has been used on many new feature film releases including A Star is Born, Venom, Creed II, and is perfectly suited for documentary production, reality shows, and live events.

Press Contact: Bob Lasser

Phone: 202-361-7176

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