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Geared for Rental Houses and multiple user scenarios, the Flex Bundle version of CenterFit - a center-balanced Ergorig system Includes Tall & Short struts for flexible sizing options.


The Unisex Ergorig CenterFit is more comfortable for most body types as it provides greater comfort and manueverability while allowing for "weightless" camera operation.


The Flex Bundle also includes the Undersling for Ergorig which greatly expands the range of camera operation: from right under the shoulder to below the waist. The included Riser accessory enables a quick-switch transition to/from shoulder operation.

Ergorig CenterFit & Undersling Flex Bundle

  • Measure from your front hip point to the top middle of your shoulder.

    • If shorter than 20" order a Short.  
    • If longer than 20" order a Tall.

    Your front hip point is the part that feels like the tip of the triangle in your hip on the front side that is right around your belt line.

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