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The ZeeGee is a three axis center of gravity camera head for handheld look. It provides freedom of movement in the pan, tilt, and unlike similar products, the roll axis, replicating the look and feel of handheld operation combined with the stability, boom range, and weight displacement of the Steadicam arm. This combination offers operators, DP's and directors a unique look that's unmistakably handheld without the shake, limited range, and operator fatigue of doing multiple takes over standard handheld operation.


The ZeeGee also expands the use of Steadicam equipment with continued rental revenue that would be lost to standard handheld shoots. The head has versatile stationary mounting options on any light or grip stand 5/8 inch spuds and can lock off at any angle for lighting setups as well as full three axis operation. In addition the head can be underslung from Steadicam arms, usually from a Garfield mount, and with the "shovel handle" adapter, from ropes or elastic lines including the CD Undersling, from cranes, speedrail rigs, or Easyrig overhead supports.


Another unique feature of the ZeeGee is the ability to independently set the drop rate CG of the rolle axis independant of the tilt axis.








  • Collected on California orders

  • Ships in under a week.

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