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Back and shoulder pain?
why weight?

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Ergorig CenterFit

& Classic

Ergorig takes the weight, you just operate!
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Both the Ergorig Classic and new Ergorig CenterFit take all the crushing weight of today’s cinema cameras off your shoulder and back while allowing you to operate naturally, the way you’re used to, just without the pain and injury. 

Undersling & Riser

Off the shoulder weightlessness
Artboard 21 copy_0.5x-80.jpg

Because the world doesn’t live at shoulder height, our Undersling attachment allows for low shots and freedom to whip around with a weightless camera while dampening all your footsteps.

The Riser accessory is perfect for that no-man’s-land zone just under the shoulder. Offers quick-release ease-of-use to go off the shoulder in seconds and additional height to maximize the utility of the elasomer band.


Save money and make the day with an exciting stabilized handheld look.
Artboard 20 copy_0.5x.png

Used extensively on the new Star Wars series and many recent TV shows and feature films, this three-axis stabilized head attaches to a Steadicam arm and gives you all the stabilization and boom range of the arm allowing for a unique stabilized handheld look and feel.


Coveted smooth floor-to-ceiling shots without the weight or the wait.
Artboard 22 copy 2_0.5x.png

The AntigravityCam Ultimate System is the ultimate stabilization solution and the "secret weapon" used extensively on the new Star Wars TV shows and in features like "A Star is Born", "Venom" and "Creed II"


Like a body supported Technocrane, AntigravityCam saves time and money, and keeps the flow of the set moving, without compromising the quality of precision ultra-stabilized moving shots. There’s no other  stabilization rig like it.

Image by Markus Spiske

Buy now for 15% off all our Ergorig models and accessories, the exciting new ZeeGee, and yes, our AntigravityCam Ultimate System! Seize the opportunity of this limited time ony Flash Sale to own these products and get substantial savings before prices go up in mid-August.


Back and shoulder pain, why weight?


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Image by Markus Spiske

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